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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1890-1891-811

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CLOTHWORKERS AND SAMBROOKE EXHIBITIONS CxllX YI -Chemistry What phenomena may be observed when salt dissolves in water and combines with water How would you determine the solubility of salt in water at any given temperature ×™ What is meant by the atomic weight of an element Why is the formula of zinc chloride expressed as Zn Cl2 instead of Zn CI Describe fully the manufacture of English 'oil of vitriol What do you understand by the crystals of he vitriol chamber How are they produced What action takes place when current of chlorine is passed to saturation through solution of potassium carbon- ate ILustrate your answer by equations What do you consider the most important ore of tin Describe the method generally adopted for the extraction of tin in the metallic condition and give the names and com- position of its more important compounds with oxygen What reactions occur when the following gases are passed into water-Nitrogen peroxide N02 Silicon tetra- fluoride Si F4 and Chlorous oxide C120 What decompositions take place when the following bodies are heated KHC03 KA1 S04 12 Aq NH4 2S04 Give the equations which illustrate the reactions occurring when H2S gas is passed into solutions of Chlorine of Iodine and of Nitrous acid Compare the apex of the stem with the apex of the root in Flowering Plant Point out reasons for the difference between them Describe and compare the collateral concentric and radial vascular bundles
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