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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1890-1891-810

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Cxlviii CLOTHWORKERS' AND SAMBROOKE EXHIBITIONS Describe some experiment for comparing the relative thermal conductivity of metals Explain the the term latent heat piece of ice at weighing 000 grammes was thrown into 000 grammes of water at 25 how much ice will have been melted when the water has just cooled to substance weighing 600 grammes at temperature of 98 is plunged into 000 grammes of water at tempera- ture of 20 contained in copper vessel the specific heat of which is 093 and whose weight is 200 grammes The temperature of the mixture is found to be 25 Find the specific heat of the substance 10 lump of lead weighing 20 lbs falls from height of 100 feet on to hard non-conducting surface find the number of degrees by which its temperature will be raised The specific heat of lead is 031 Sound and Light 11 How may the velocity of sound in water be determined 12 You are given cylindrical vessel open at one end and tuning-fork of known pitch how would you proceed to determine the wave-length of the fork the velocity of sound in air 13 Explain some method of determining the velocity of light 14 Illustrate by examples the method of determining the focal lengths of concave mirror and of convex lense 15 Describe the spectroscope and explain how it has been used to determine the constitution of the sun Electricity 16 How is electricity obtained from an electrophorus Explain with diagram the condition of the metal cover before and after it has been touched with the finger and after it has been removed 17 What is meant by the polarization of the negative plate of cell and how is it prevented
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