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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1890-1891-809

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CLOTHWORKERS AND SAMBROOKE EXHIBITIONS Cxlvil by strings attached to given point their centres are in the same horizontal plane Find the tensions of the strings and the position of equilibrium How many turns must be given to smooth screw formed on cylinder whose length is 36 ft and radius 18 inches in order that power of 14 may overcome resistance of 44 Candidates for the Clothworkers Exhibition to take only th$ first ten questions Candidates for the Sambrooke Exhibition only the fast ten questions Hydrostatics and Pneumatics triangular board each of whose sides is 40 centimetres in length is immersed vertically in water with one of its sides just level with the surface determine the pressure against each face Explain how it is that solid immersed in fluid apparently loses an amount of weight equal to that of the fluid dispersed How would you prove the fact experi- mentally cylindrical vessel feet in length and open at one end is plunged mouth downwards under water until the depth of the top of the vessel below the surface is 33 feet and the water half fills the vessel The top of the vessel is then pushed 12 feet further down How far will the water now ascend in the vessel Explain the action of the siphon Describe the construction and explain the action of Bramah's press Heat Two vessels contain air having the same temperatures of 15 but different pressures namely 760 and 765 milli- metres of mercury the temperature of each being increased by 25 find which has its pressure most increased
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