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cxlvi cloth workers' and sambrooke exhibitions IX II III -Algebra Euclid Trigonometry and Arithmetic See the papers in these subjects set for the Warneford Scholar- ships pp cxxxix- cxlii IV -JfifUtf am Hf balloon has been ascending vertically at uniform rate for 4Ā£ seconds and stone let fall from it reaches the ground in seconds find the velocity of the balloon and the height of it when the stone is dropped Explain how Attwood's machine may be employed to prove that the space described by falling body varies as the square of the time of falling On plane rising in piece of wood having mass of 10 lbs is projected up with velocity of 60 feet per second how far tfill it go if the plane is smooth if the coeffici- ent of friction on the plane is What is lever When two forces which are not parallel act on straight lever find the conditions which must be satisfied in order that it may remain at rest Define the term centre of gravity -A beam 15 ft long balances on point ft from one end and also balances about its centre when mass of 15 lbs is placed at one end and 36 lbs at the other find the weight of the beam An isosceles triangle whose base is times its height stands on its base on rough inclined plane it is found that when the triangle begins to slide it also begins to fall over find the coefficient of friction Two spheres of the same material whose masses are lbs and 27 lbs rest against one another and are supported
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