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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1890-1891-746

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lxXXlV GENERAL LITERATURE DEPARTMENT XI -ffaglo- ajron ן Explain the terms gradation and mutation and illustrate them from Anglo-Saxon grammar What is meant by the Strong Declension Write down the nominatives singular and plural of some strong neuters Compare eald yfel lang leof glced feor and give the Anglo-Saxon forms of eleven four eighteen seventy hundred th ousand Decline hwa se he ic es er Distinguish between the reduplication and the ablaut strong verbs and give specimen of each class of the latter division Make list of what are sometimes called the strong- weak verbs Give some account of the various texts of the Anglo Saxon Chronicle Which runs on longest Translate into modern English &y ilcan geare drehton hergas on East-Englum and on Norfchymbrum West-Seaxna lond swrige be sufcstaefce mid stael-hergum ealra swijmst mid fcaem ascum hie fela aer timbredon het JElfred cyng timbran lang scipu ongen sescas waeron fulneah tu swa lang swa ofcru sume hasfdon LX ara sume ma wasron aegfcer ge swiftran ge unwealtran ge eac hieran onne ofcru nasron nawfcer ne on Fresisc gesc03pene ne on Denisc bute swa him selfum fcuhte 3et hie nytwyrfcoste beon meahten Her Eadgar waes Engla waldend corfcre micebre to cyninge gehalgod on fcaere ealdan byrig Acemannes ceastre eac hi igbuend o$re worde beornas Bafcan nemna her wa3s bus micel on am eadgan dsege eallum geworden 0nne ni 5a beam nemnaS and cigafc Pentecostenes daeg a3r waes preosta heap micel muneca fcreat mine gefrege gleawra gegaderod and fla agangen waes
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