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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1890-1891-743

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GENERAL LITERATUE DEPARTMENT lxxxi Praesens divus habebitur Augustus adjectis Britannis Imperio gravibusque Persis Non his juventus orta parentibus Infecit aequor sanguine Punico Pyrrhumque et ingentem cecidit Antiochum Hannibalemque dirum Where are the following Tempe-Voltur-Tibur Pelion-Venafrum-Dacia Translate and explain Favete unguis-Siculae dapes frequens redemptor-Cereris sacrum-fidibus eitharave Delius idt Patareus Apollo-capitis minor Briefly analyse the subject-matter of these odes and point out their general purpose VIII -&totorg of 3&ome Explain the Servian constitution in its military in its political bearing What is known of the institutions and religion of the Etruscans Trace the stages in the Roman conquest of Spain What was the design of the Julian constitution Write historical notes on the following dies Alliensif gens Claudia-Numantinus Lex Manilla edictum per- petuum-quaestiones perpetuae What were the prerogatives of tbe Emperor and the Senate respectively What campaigns were fought up to the reign of Do- mitian against the Britons the Germans and with what results Where are the following places and what is their histori- cat interest Cumae-Alba-Brundusium-Capua Aquae Sexti Forum Julii Gessoriacum Camulodunur Pergamus
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