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158 CLOTHWORKERS' AND SAMBROOKE EXHIBITIONS that the water is filling one-third of the vessel what must have been the height of the barometer at the time Heat Explain how you would proceed to determine the co- efficient of linear expansion of metal bar by the method of Lavoisier and Laplace illustrating your explanation with an example What objections are there to this method Describe Regnault's hygrometer and explain how you would proceed to make an accurate determination of the hygrometric state י of the air by means of it The mean specific heat of copper between and 100CC is ΟΌ92 the latent heat of ice at 0CC is 80 the latent heat of water at 100CC is 536 What is the meaning of each of these statements mass of 500 grammes of water is placed in copper vessel of mass 130 grammes 10 grammes of steam are introduced into the water and subsequently 10 grammes of ice what will be the ultimate temperature of the mixture 10 The mechanical equivalent of heat is 772 ft lbs Explain this statement describe one of the methods used by Joule for proving it Light Electricity and Sound 11 Describe some method of determining the velocity of light through space and state the result arrived at 12 The focal length of double convex lense is 12 inches and candle is placed 16 inches from the lense where would be the image of the candle and what would be its size compared with that of the candle itself 13 Explain the action of the electrophorus 14 DanielFs cell is joined up in seriesי with tangent galvanometer and box of resistance coils When no resis- tance is in the box the deflection of the galvanometer is 60 with ohm resistance in the box the deflection is 45 and when in addition an unknown resistance is inserted thedeflec- tion is 30 Determine the unknown resistance tan 60 732 tan 45 and tan 30 0577 Explain the action of the Siren
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