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clothworkers and sambrooke exhibitions 157 Candidates for the Clothworkers' Exhibition are only to attempt the first ten questions Candidates for the Sambrooke Exhibition are only to attempt the last twelve questions Mechanics and Hydrostatics Define work 'energy An inclined plane rises in and mass of 100 lbs rests at the bottom of it the mass is pushed 800 ft up the plane by force which is only just suffi- cient to move it determine the number of ft lbs of work done when there is no friction when the coefficient of friction is Describe the machine known as the ζ wheel and axle and shew how it may be used as lever of either the first second or third class Assuming the radius of the wheel to be 12 inches and the radius of the axle to be inches determine what weight can be supported by power of 16 lbs in each of the three cases The two weights in an Atwood's machine are 200 grammes and 290 grammes determine the velocity in centimetres per second the distance traversed in centimetres and the tension of the string in grammes after seconds assuming 980 cm sec What is the difference between the specific gravity of substance and its density Illustrate by means of examples the mode of determining the density of substance less dense than water and insoluble in water by means of the balance by Nicholson's hydrometer sphere 14 centimetres in diameter is held by string and suspended in water so as to be completely imnierSed it is then pulled up 10 centimetres what will be the difference in the pressure of the water on the surface of the sphere Shew that the tension of the string will be the same in the two positions of the sphere cylindrical vessel filled with air is plunged mouth downwards under water to depth of 17 ft when it is found Ε
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