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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1889-1890-800

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156 cloth workers' and sambrooke exhibitions If train begins to ascend an incline of in 100 with velocity of 60 feet per second find how far it will go friction being lbs per ton If after coming to rest it be allowed to descend the incline how far will it run along the horizontal plane Motion must lbs act on mass of 644 lbs in order to increase its velocity from 20 to 36 feet per second mass of 50 lbs hanging vertically over the top of plane rising in draws up on the inclined plane carriage of mass 25 lbs which contains block of wood whose mass is 30 lbs find the acceleration also find the pressure of the block against the carriage during the motion Explain what is meant by the Triangle of Forces and from weight of 35 lbs is kept in equilibrium on an inclined plane by force equal to the weight of 21 lbs parallel to the plane find the elevation of the plane and the pressure on it Prove the principle of moments for two parallel forces acting on lever An upward force of lbs is required to support weight of 24 lbs on lever the distance between the forces being feet find the position of the fulcrum and the pressure on it statue weighing 10 cwt is placed on pedestal weighing 40 cwt supported by base weighing 60 cwt The centre of gravity of the statue is 10 feet from the ground that of the pedestal feet and of the base foot Find the height of the centre of gravity of the whole Five pulleys each weighing lbs are arranged ac cording to the first system what weight will be supported by power of 15 lbs 10 Find the least force which will drag mass of 80 lbs up rough plane inclined at 60 to the horizon the friction being such as would prevent the body from sliding down plane of an inclination of 30
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