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WARNEFORD SCHOLARSHIPS 151 -Hritfynutic anil Crtgonomttrg Candidates for Warneford Scholarship and SambrooJce Exhibition omit Questions 1-5 State the extreme limits between which the sine secant and tangent of an angle can vary and prove that tan sin sec Find all the values of Β that satisfy tani ii sec Β and all the values of between 90 and 90 that satisfy tan2 2sinC-f sec 2sinCtan6 itanCsecC Shew how to solve triangle in which are given If the values of are find triangle sides is inscribed in circle radius Pi P2 P& are perpendiculars from the angular points on the sides prove that Rpx Rp2 Rps abc Find the sum of the series cos cos β cos f2 to η terms and prove without summation that zero is the sum of C0s cos to η ν η η What Is it possible to multiply or divide yds ft in by yd ft in If so perform the operations and give the result cubic foot of water weighs 000 ounces cubic fathom of water weighs tons according to which of these estimates is water the heavier Is tax of per cent greater or less than tax of 15 56 in the £ upon what sum will it make £1 difference State and ii Prove your rule for determining the position of the decimal point in the case of the division of one decimal fraction by another iii Apply your method to determine the value of the first significant digit in the two quotients of 0003157 and Ό0000156 10 Calculate to the nearest penny the compound interest
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