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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1889-1890-793

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WARNEFORD SCHOLARSHIPS 149 via-eucifo Candidates for Warneford Scholarship and Sambrooke Exhibition omit Question State how to bisect any angle and to trisect right angle If BCD be quadrilateral of which Î’ is the longest and CD the shortest side prove that the angle ADC is greater than the angle ABCj and the angle BCD greater than the angle BAD Construct triangle having given the three sides To what limitation are the magnitude of the three given sides subject Mention any peculiarities of the triangles of which the sides are Triangles on the same base and between the same parallels are equal Hence prove that if twro sides of triangle are given the area is greatest when they are at right angles Prove that the sum of the squares on two sides of triangle is equal to half the square on the base together with twice the square on the line joining the vertex to the middle point of the base Find the shortest straight line from an external point to circle Also state what is the shortest straight line between two circles that do not intersect The opposite angles of any quadrilateral inscribed in circle are equal to two right angles If ABCDE is regular pentagon and the sides BAy DE are produced to Fy prove that ACEF is rhombus What is meant by the ratio compounded of two ratios Prove that parallelograms that are equiangular to one another have to one another the ratio compounded of the ratios of their sides
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