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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1889-1890-792

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148 WARNEFORD SCHOLARSHIPS Translate with grammatical explanations επιμελονται ως αν βέλτιστοι εΐεν 01 πολϊται λέγων δε έκαστος υμών την εαυτού ρώμην 67τα άνασταίητε όρχησόμενοι μη όπως όρχείσθαι iv ρυθμώ αλλ ούδ" όρθουσθιι εδύνασβε βασιλ Te άλλοι ότι συ άρχων τότε γαρ δη εγωγε κα πρώτον κατεμαθον οτι τουτ άρ ην η Ισηγορία ο υμεϊς τότε εποιείτε ουδέποτε γουν εσιωπατε κα ό Αστυάγης ο τι δεοιτο αυτού Κύρος ουδέν εδύνατο άντεχειν μη ου χαρίζεσθαι Άλλα τοι εφη ω παί ενιά Ιστιν α ού προς ανθρώπους άγωνιστεον αλλά προς αυτά τα πράγματα ων ού ράδιον εύπόρως περιγενβσθαι αύτίκα δηπου οίσθα ότι εΐ μη εξει τα επιτήδεια ή στρατιά καταλύσεταί σου ευθύς ή αρχή ή ού πάντα γιγνώσκεις ταύτα ότι κακουργίαι τε είσι και άπάται και δολώσεις κα πλβονεξίαι Nat μά Δι9 εφη θηρίων γε' ανθρώπων δε εϊ και δόξαιμι βονλεσθαι εξαπατήσαί τινα πολλας πληγάς οίδα λαμβάνων Explain κατά κέρας επ φάλαγγος-γβρρον-κάνδυς άποβουκολεϊν Translate into Greek When Croesus king of Lydia was going to make war on Cyrus king of Persia he called together few of his most faithful friends and thus addressed them Put on an Egyptian dress and go to the oracle of Apollo at Delphi with these presents some of which are valuable and others worthless Say that you are Egyptians and are come to consult the oracle but that from the length of the journey you have entirely forgotten what you were ordered to ask Offer first the worthless presents and if Apollo can tell you why you were sent give him the valuable ones and inquire if shall conquer Cyrus The priests easily perceived from the men's language that they were not Egyptians and by some means or other discovered who they really were An am- biguous answer was returned by Apollo to the following effect-that if Croesus passed the river Halys he would overthrow great empire
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