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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1889-1890-790

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146 WARNEFORD SCHOLARSHIPS Translate Eo cum pervenisset ad reliquas legiones mittit priusque omnes in unum locum cogit quam de ejus adventu Arvernis nunciari posset Silentio noctis Csesar ex castris egressus prius quam subsidio ex oppido veniri posset dejecto presidio potitus loco duas ibi legiones collocavit fossamque dupiicem duode- num pedum majoribus castris ad minora perduxit Explain the use of the subjunctive in these passages Explain the following terms vinese-pilum-pluteus- manipulus-maceria- excubitor-quincunx Give short account of the formation of the Homan legion in the earlier and later period of the Republic Translate into Latin Scarcely had Philip departed from Corinth when Leontius and others began to use their authority to draw off the affec- tions of the soldiers from their prince Among other things they said that those who were the first in all dangers had not only received no reward but had even been deprived of the booty which they themselves had taken By such speeches the soldiers were at length so inflamed that they assembled in great numbers and plundered the houses of those who were supposed to be most friendly to the king Philip when in- formed of the tumult returned to Corinth and assembling the soldiers reproved them in speech in which gentleness was intermingled with severity VII eitopljuii Cmop Translate εξέρχονται δε επϊ την θηραν άριστον έχοντες πλεΐον μεν1 ώς το εΙκός τών παίδων τάλλα δε ομοιον και θηρώντες μβν ουκ άν άριστησαιεν ην δε τι δέηση ή θηρίου ένεκα επικαταμεϊναι η άλΧως Βουληθώσι διατρίψαι περί την θήραν το άριστον τοΰτο δειπνησαντες την υστεραίαν αύ θηρώσι μέχρι δείπνου καϊ μίαν άμφω τοντω τώ ήμερα λογίζονται 071 μιας ημέρας σϊτον δαπανώσι
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