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138 MEDICAL DEPARTMENT tions By what methods have the facts you mention been established Describe the mode of secretion of the pancreas and the effect of the pancreatic juice on the chief constituents of food Describe the innervation of the arterioles III -t rgaim Cijcmfetri Give the different steps in the formation of simple and of mixed ether from the corresponding alcohols What is an ethereal salt Give as many methods for the preparation of hydro- cyanic acid as you recollect How may it be converted into methyl alcohol How may it be quantitatively determined What are the formulae of the two varieties of succinic acid State shortly the products yielded by their decomposi- tion on heating Point out the class of organic compounds to which the following substances belong NC C5HnOH C3H5 ft Cl2E22On CH3 CH OH COOH By what means can you convert succinic acid into malic acid and also into tartaric acid IV -0latma fHetftca airtJ C&traptuttctf Describe the physical properties of chloroform and com- pare them with those of ether Enumerate the official preparations of chloroform and give the strength of each Describe the physiological actions of atropine and enumerate its official preparations Enumerate the official solutions intended for subcutaneous administration and state their respective composition dose and action
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