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132 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT specific gravity of coal be what will be the weight of block which stands on square base and is feet high with sides feet wide Mention the various kinds of lustre exhibited by mineral bodies What odours are given off by minerals when heated or moistened 10 Write brief account of galena elaterite quartz fluor calcite and talc XIV -Pletallurgi Compare the composition of anthracite coal with that of average bituminous coal and explain the causes of the differences Coal invariably contains sulphur in more or less quantity In what condition is it present and to what extent can it be removed What are the principal materials used in making fire- bricks Explain briefly the processes of manufacture What does the expression tough-pitch" mean as applied to copper Describe briefly how tin is extracted from its ore State what you know as to the composition of different grades of pig-iron Metallic iron is obtained both by the puddling process and by the Siemens process with an ordinary regenerative open-hearth furnace Compare the means employed in each case and the character of the final product What circumstances determine whether the carbon is mainly in the combined or uncombined condition in cast-iron XV OTorfe op THIRD YEAR Sketch an arrangement of driving bands when the shafts are at right angles to each other shewing the position of the eading edges of the pullies
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