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ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT 131 What are anticlinals synclinals and unconformability of strata Draw diagrams explaining your answe Describe trilobite and an orthoceras In what deposits do they occur ×™ On which side of England are the older formations situated Name localities and strata Refer briefly to the Cambrian Mention the subdivisions of the Silurian and compare their fossils with those of the more ancient periods Why is the Devonian sometimes called the Old Red In what respects are sedimentary strata different from igneous rocks Compare the Carboniferous deposits of the midland counties with those of the south of Scotland 10 What arguments have been proposed to explain the vegetable origin of coal XIII -piuuralogi FIRST YEAR Give general summary of any three of the six crystal- lographic systems Explain the meaning of the words Domes and Pinacoids and draw diagram showing Parameter an Intercept and Parametral plane Illustrate your answer by reference to crystal forms State and prove the rule for finding the specific gravity of body heavier than water In what manner is Nicholson's hydrometer employed How much gold is there in mass of gold quartz the weight of which is 20 ounces The specific gravity of the mass being that of the quartz being taken at and gold at 19 Allude to the substitutes which may be employed 111- stead of the usual tests for hardness If cubic foot of water weighs 62 321 lbs and the
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