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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1889-1890-770

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124 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT FIRST YEAR Draw pentagon of '62 side From its five angles as centres draw arcs beyond the pentagon and terminating on its sides and from the centres of the sides of the figure as centres draw arcs within the pentagon terminating on its sides and forming with the first series continuous line All the arcs are to be of the same radius line 27 long is supposed to be the plan of line inclined at 53 to the ground Show its real length Show what drawings you consider necessary to enable workman to make hollow cube of edge and of material thick without any further instructions than the drawings and measurements given on your paper Construct rhombus having its sides and shorter diagonal all 3" long Place in it the four largest equal circles that it will contain δ pentagonal piece of board thick is inclined at an angle of 45 to the One angle is in the and the opposite or highest edge is horizontal and inclined at 30 with the Give plan and elevation Sides of pentagon each equal 57 clock dial has diameter of 3" The figures are high and the outer ends of them from the circumference Midway between these outer ends and the edge of the dial draw another circle marking on it the sixty minute-points The time is 1224 What angle do the two hands make with each other The figuring and minute-pointing must be carefully set out Draw angle of 50 and bisect it by line KM Draw semicircle of radius having its ends in lines Κ and KL and its diameter perpendicular to KM From the same centre as that used for the semicircle draw also circle that shall be tangential to the lines JK and KL flight of steps each step 3' long and Γ wide and 9" high Resting on these on its 5" face having one end on the ground and running up the centre of the flight is plank long Γ wide and 5" thick Represent in plan and elevation these objects when the edges of the steps are inclined from us
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