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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1889-1890-769

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engineering department 123 axis at the centre Give development of the entire cylinder slab 22 square and thick is pierced through its centre by block 1" square and l£ long the amount of pro- jection on either face of the slab being equal The common axis is at an angle of 30 with and parallel to in- clining from us towards the left Four edges of the slab are vertical and the nearest of these edges to the is I" from it project the shadow of the two objects on this plane cone having axis of 4" and base of 4" diameter stands on It is penetrated by cylinder of 2" diameter and 5" axis The axis of the cylinder is parallel to both and at height of lj" from the former The axes of the two solids are in the same vertical plane Show all lines of pene- tration visible or not marking in the latter by dotted lines Construct an irregular pentagon from the following data AB 70 BC 70 CD 90 AE 120 Β AC 30 BAD 70 BAE 120 Convert it into right-angled triangle having an area half as large again and give the lengths in feet of the sides of this triangle Scale 351 Show the intersection of two cylinders one vertical 38 high and 2" diameter the other 38 long and diameter making angle of 40 with and horizontal The cylinders cross at their centres Show all lines of penetration visible or not marking the latter in dotted lines Construct scale of miles and furlongs Show three miles and figure correctly Eepresentative fraction is 680 10 cross is 6' high and Γ square throughout The horizontal portion begins at from the ground and projects Γ on each side This cross stands in the centre of slab square and Γ high and this again is on the centre of slab 7' square and high Represent the whole isometrically Scale γ to Γ 11 cube of 3" side is penetrated by two circular slabs each 1" thick One is vertical and 4" in diameter the other horizontal and 3£" in diameter The centres of the three objects are in the same point Represent these objects isometrically
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