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122 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT How is the breaking load of rope calculated and how does it vary with the different methods of laying the strands into rope Describe the process of overlaying adopted in printing from woodcats What is the object of it Sketch and describe any methods you know of for reversing the direction of the motion of the table of print- ing machine Describe the method of stereotyping by means of papier mache moulds Why is the sense of touch preferred to the sense of sight in measuring minute quantities in the construction of parts of machines Describe Whitworth's machine for making such measurements 10 Why is it necessary to use three straight edges in order to originate one true one Illustrate this by sketch VI -JfnStntnuntal Brafoincj SECOND AND THIKD YEARS Draw cone diameter 3" altitude 3" Pierce it by wire represented by single line that passes through the centre of the axis makes angles of 30 with and 60 with and projects at each end J" beyond the cone Give on plan and elevation the true points of the disappearance and reappearance of the wire and on the development of the cone the two punctures made on the envelope Construct on each side of line 3" long as base an equi- lateral triangle In the resulting rhombus place four equal circles each to be in contact with two others and with one side of the rhombus Draw scale of miles furlongs and chains diagonally three furlongs being represented on your paper by distance of 63" Shew by this scale distance of miles furlongs and chains cylinder axis vertical and long has diameter of 2" It is cut by plane at 45 with the ground that cuts the
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