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ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT 119 FIRST YEAR Explain what is meant by 'the acceleration due to gravity If its numerical value be 32 when the unit of length is the foot and the unit of time the second what is its value when the unit of length is mile and the unit of time Jhour Distinguish between mass and weight Distinguish also between gravitation measure and the absolute measure of force and show how the one may be expressed in terms of the other mass of 10 lbs is suspended from spring-balance which is carried in balloon what will be its apparent weight as shown by the index when the balloon is ascending with uniform acceleration of foot second units when it is descending with uniform velocity of 16 feet per second Two unequal masses Ī” and are attached to the ends of weightless string passing over pulley which turns without friction Assuming that the inertia of the pulley may be neglected deduce formula for determining the tension of the string If the pulley did not turn without friction and the inertia of it could not be neglected what would be the nature of the change in the tension Assuming the principle of 'the parallelogram of forces deduce that of the triangle of forces and by the aid of this last principle find relations between the power the weight and the pressure on an inclined plane when the power acts parallel to the plane when it acts parallel to the base of the plane uniform beam feet in length and the weight of which is 20 lbs rests on rail with lbs hanging from one end and 26 lbs from the other find the point at which the beam is supported if the weights at the two ends change places what weight must be added to the lighter to preserve equilibrium What is meant by the 'energy1 of moving body State the principle of conservation of energy With single
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