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118 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT when Ρ is on the point of pulling Wuip the plane when Ρ is on the point of pushing TFdown the plane plane is made to move vertically first upwards and then downwards with uniform acceleration of foot second units body rests on the plane Compare the pressure on the plane when the plane is moving υ ρ wards with the pressure when it is moving downwards An equilateral triangle revolves round an axis parallel to the base the vertex of the triangle being between the axis and the base the base is 10 in long and the distance from the vertex to the axis is in Find the volu ne of the ring traced out by the triangle In the first system of pulleys there is one moveable pulley turning on rough axle find the mechanical advan- tage when weight is raised by means of it Find the weight raised by force of 10 lbs the radius of the pulley being in of the axis in and the limiting angle of friction the angle whose sine is Draw diagram of forces for the framework Β which supports roof If the angle ACB is right angle and CFG an equilateral triangle find the strains along the several pieces Find the moment of inertia of cylinder of given length and radius about one of its generating lines If the cylinder be set oscillating about the generating line as an axis find the angular velocity acquired in falling from its highest to its lowest position
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