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ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT 117 the latent heat of steam deducing the necessary formula in each case The condenser of steam-engine is supplied with injec- tion water at temperature 15 and the steam enters the condenser at 100 How many pounds of injection water must be supplied for every pound of steam condensed in order that the water may leave the condenser at temperature of 30 What is meant by the term 'hygrometric stateל as applied to the air Describe Regnault's apparatus for deter- mining the hygrometric state of the air and give detailed account of the mode of using it for this purpose 10 Deduce formula for determining the temperature of furnace by means of mass of platinum first heated in the furnace and then plunged into mass of cold water IV -£Rtcf anici SECOND AND THIRD YEARS train going at 45 miles an hour is acted on by breaks which exert pressure on the wheels equal to half the weight of the train the coefficient of friction is '16 Fnd how far the train will run before it is brought to rest and the number of foot-pounds of work expended Prove that the algebraical sum of the moments of two forces whose directions are not parallel taken with reference to any point in their plane equals the moment of the resultant with reference to the same point What is 'a couple' If ABC is triangle each of whose sides is and if force Ρ acts from to an equal force from Β to and another equal force from to show that the three are equivalent to couple and determine the moment of the couple body whose weight is rests upon an inclined plane of inclination force Ρ is applied whose direction makes an angle β with the plane μ is the coefficient of friction Deduce relations between JP and the reaction of the plane
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