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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1889-1890-760

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114 κ א ι χ ε ε ι χ ת ε γ λ τ ג ε χ τ 10 Find the area included between the curves Aax and x1 32tf and the volume formed by the revolu- tion of this area about the axis of 11 Find the centres of gravity of the four portions into which cos Θ is divided by the initial line and line at right angles thereunto 12 Find the moment of inertia of right circular cylinder about tangent line to its base Ill- ljl 5tf3 iicftriftti anlf fuagputts'm SECOND AND THIRD YEA US Describe experiments which show that the free electririf on charged insulated conductor is entirely upon its surfVin What conclusions may be drawn from those experiments 18 to the laws of electrical attraction and repulsion Define lines of force' capacity of conductor ן o- tential at point Describe method of determining the potential at any point near to but not in electrical connection with the earth's surface State the laws which determine the strength of current which battery of given electromotive force will produce in circuit of given resistance battery of twelve cells is joined up so as to give the strongest current through galvanometer whoso resistance 18 16 ohms the resistance of each cell of the battery being ohms What is the arrangement of the cells Define the term 'electromotive force battery of cells is joined up to copper voltameter mid centigrammes of copper are deposited in minute An additional resistance of 15 ohms is introduced and the quantity of copper deposited in minute is now centigrammes determine the resistance of the circuit and tho elcctromotivo force of one cell of the batterv
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