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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1889-1890-754

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108 EXGiΝ Ε Ε hi DE Γ RTM Ε NT foot find either by the following logarithms or in any other way the height of the building JJ gin 60 9-9375306 sin 75 99849438 8in 15 9-4129962 log 32320 4-5094714 log 32321 45094 S49 The sides of triangle are and inches respectively find the greatest angle having given log 3010300 log 4771213 Ζ cos 39 14' 98890044 cos 39 13889107 Γ The sides of triangle are 17 25 and 20 inches re spectively find the length of the radius of the in cirele and of the radius of the circum-circle Define the polar triangle of given spherical triangle lftf are the magnitudes of the sides of the angles of spherical triangle Λ If the ΟΟΓΓθ- spending magnitudes of the sides and angles of tlie polar triangle prove 7r a7 10 In right-angled spherical triangle having the right angle at C$ prove cos ta- and write down sin and tan tan in terms of the sides If Β prove that the perpendicular drawn from to the hypotenuse Β is equal to ך 11 Write down two of Napier's analogies and two of Delambre's theorems Given and hy show how to solve the triangle Avy of the fotto icing questions may be substituted fur any tf tht preceding 12 Define similar figures Parallelograms about the diameter of any parallelogram are similar to the whole parallelogram and to one another
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