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106 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT Prove that the angle in semicircle is right angle State and prove the converse of this proposition Shew how to construct an isosceles triangle having each of the angles at the base double of the vertical angle Also shew how to construct an isosceles triangle having the angle at the vertex three times either of the angles of the base What are meant by mean proportional and third proportional to two given straight lines Shew how to find them ן ל Prove that the squares described on these proportionals are in the triplicate ratio of the given straight lines Equiangular parallelograms have to one another the ratio compounded of the ratios of their sides Is this true of any other figures model of mountainous region is made in which the plan is on the scale of inches to the mile while the alti- tudes are on the scale of inches to 1000 feet what multiple is the bulk of any mountain of the bulk of the model of that mountain The bisector of the angle of triangle cuts the base BC in and Β Η parallel to AD meets CA produced in Prove that the circumcircles of Β AC HDC cut AD produced in points equidistant from What is an angle Draw an angle of about 150 of about radians and all the angles of which the sine is What are the cosines of these angles Prove that the cosecant of an angle is the secant of the complement of the angle rerify this proposition drawin the figure for an angle of 210 If tan tani find the values of sin A- -B tan 2As tan י 10 Prove the following formulae sin 2A sin cos ii λ cos cos iii cosec 2A cot 2A tan
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