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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1889-1890-741

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GENERAL LITERATURE DEPARTMENT 95 for him however man who was in the habit of taking him to shoot saw him carrying away his prize and watched his progress On coming into the kitchen the man found the dog in his old place pretending to be asleep Write down the first person singular of the future of courir-croire-acquorir-valoir-pouvoir-voir and the past participle of boire-courir-cuire-revetir What is the place in French sentence of an adverb of governed personal pronoun With what conjunctions of time is the subjunctive used Give the French for look at this-a friend of mine-is it your hat or hers -which of the two -what are you thinking of XIV -&erman Translate ir to English fyaBe ba 5fterift urbtgfte gefefyen ft bie 2Mt bem ftaunenben eifte getgen farm ίφ aBe gefefyen unb ftaune ηοφ immer-ηοφ tmmer ftarrt in metnem ebad&tnifje btefer ftetnerne 2Balb toon aufern unb ba mf$en ber brangenbe Strom leBenbtger 90ί ηίφοη gefkfyter mit all' tfyren Bunten Setbenfcfyaften mit a£C rer grauenfyaften aft ber £teBe be unger unb be affe -ίφ fpre$e toon Sonbon θφί ί etnen tlofo en ηαφ Sonbon Bet SetBe fetnen oeten &a dt etnen SPtytlofoptyen fytn unb ftefft tfyn an etne Scfe toon eajjfibe er ftnrb ier mefyr iernen aU au affen 33ii$ern ber le ten Set tger ieffe unb tote bte 5D ϊenfφenn 0gen tfyn umraufφen fo totrb αηφ etn Zeer toon neuen ebanien toor tfym auf ftetgen ber etotge etft ber baruBer fd toebt totrb ttyn antoetyen bte toerBorgenften efyetmntffe ber gefefl aft lifytn Drbnung toerben ίφ tfym ρίο ίίφ offenBaren er toirb ben $ul iag ber SBeit tyorBar toernefymen unb ίφί
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