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438 EVENING CLASSES Solid Geometry The Principles of Projection-Projection of Solids parallel to or at an antfe vith the Vertical and Horizontal Plane and their Sections-Isometric Pro jection-Perspective Projection of Solids parallel to or at an angle with the Vertical or Horizontal Planes MECHANICAL DRAWING The Parts of Machines in common use as Riveted Joints-Forms of Rivets and their arrangement in Lap and Butt Joints-Angle Irons-Bolts Studs awl Set Screws their forms and propoitions-Pins Revs Cotters Pipes י and Cylinders-Shafting-Simple Forms of Coupling-Pedestals-Links and Con- nectmg Rods-Pistons and Stuffing-boxes-Valves-Spur Bevel Drum Cam Wheels-Drawing to Scale from models and from actual machines Wednesday CHEMISTRY ELEMENTARY Johnson These lectures on the Νον-Metalltc Elements are arranged for Students preparing for the London University Matriculation Examination Lectures from to CHEMISTRY Tutorial Class for Intermed Sc Johnson to This Class will only be held if at least six enter for it GREEK TESTAMENT Rev Blomfield Jackson Lectures from 30 to ENGLISH History and rammatical Structure of the Language-Analysis of γλγη 1r ρ Sentences -Comnosition Ab ITsCH ο mposition ad stractand Precis Writing Lectures from 30 to COMMERCIAL LAW Professor Gault Lectures from to Sources of Commercial Law-Capacity of parties to Contract-Contract of Sale Statute of Frauds and Warranty-Lien Delivery and Stoppage in transitu -Bailments and Contracts with Carriers Principal and Agent-Partners-Factors-Brokers and Service-Debtor and Creditor-Statute of Limitations-Arbitration and Bankruptcy Thursday MECHANICS &c Tomlinson Outline of the Lectures Kinematics-Motion Measurement of Motion-Space described- Illustra- tions of uniformly accelerated Motion furnished by Bodies under the Action of Gravity Kinetics-Force Definitions and Principles-Newton's Laws of Motion- Energy
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