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428 EVENING CLASSES BOOKS RECOMMENDED Vieira's Portuguese Grammar Vieira's Portuguese and English Dictionary DOrsey Portuguese and English Colloquial 42 43 PUBLIC READING AND SPEAKING Day and Hour of Attendance-Friday Public Reading 07 Public Speaking to Introduction-Rhetoric-"The Art of Public Speaking"- The Counterpart of Logic- Common misconceptions as to tin true province of Rhetoric-Conviction-Persuasion-Compo- sition-Elocution-Definition of Elocution as the Art of Reading and Speaking distinctly intelligently and express- ively-Popular prejudices considered that whoever learns to read at school can of course read in public that good reading and speaking come by the light of nature that the study of elocution engenders mannerism and pomposity- The result of these prejudices shown in our defective reading in churches schools and families and in our imperfect speaking in parliament in the pulpit at the bar and on the platform-Illustrations from actual life in voice accent emphasis gesture &c -All Elocutionary teaching may be divided into three heads physical mental and emotional the first comprehending attitude breath voice articulation and pronunciation the second treating of intellect in utterance accent emphasis pause inflection the third including ex- pression by eye face hands and voice-Full details as to the mechanism of speech-The vocal cords-Tongue teeth and lips-The painful results of mismanagement in defects of speech stammering stuttering lisping burring falsetto dysphonia &c-All functional defects curable-Correction of national provincial and cockney errors Suggested improvements in reading the church service Public Speaking-The composition of speech-Knowledge of the subject-u Marshalling of ideas"-Sentence-making-
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