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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1889-1890-374

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372 DEPARTMENT for LADIES Ammonium Theory-Ammonium Salts-Oxides of Nitrogen -Nitrous and Nitric Acids-Nitrites and Nitrates Occurrence of Carbon in Nature-Allotropic Modification -Animal and Vegetable Charcoal-Carbon Monoxide and Dioxide Marsh Gas Olefiant Gas -FJaine Carbon Disulphide Chlorine Bromine and Iodine -Their Compounds with Hydrogen and Oxygen-Bleaching and Disinfecting-Photo- graphic Action Fluorine Hydrofluoric Acid Silicon Fluoride-Glass Etching Easter Term 1890 Chemistry of the remaining Non-Metals Sulphur Allotropic Varieties Hydrogen Sulphide Sulphur Dioxide and Trioxide-Sulphurous and Sulphuric Acids-Sulphides Sulphites and Sulphates Selenium and Tellurium Phosphorus Arsenic Their Compounds with Hydrogen Chlorine Oxygen and Sulphur-Hydrates of Phosphoric Acid -Phosphates Boron -Boracic Acid-Borax Silicon -Silica and Silicates-Glass Books recommended י Γ -jK Boscoe's "Elementary Chemistry Thorpe's Non-Metallic Elements Bloxam's "Chemistry 5th Edition
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