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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1888-1889-762

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704 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT apparently Draw this and by means of elevation show what angle the plane containing them makes with the ground 11 Draw isometrically three circular pipes each having outer diameter of inner and length of 3£ Two rest on the ground their ends being to our left and their sides being in contact throughout their length In contact with both and in the same direction with them rests tbe third pipe 12 Represent in perspective hexagonal prism of 36 side axis vertical and 2' long two of its sides vanishing at angle of 45 to the left Th3 nearest point to us is on our right and 3" from the picture plane The prism is hollow the sides having thickness of Γ Eye 5' from ground and 12' from picture plane Scale 4" to the foot FIRST YEAR portfolio long and 3' wide is open at an angle of 90 one leaf making an angle of 25 with the ground and the lids of the portfolio are in planes making angles of 45 with Give plan and elevation Scale to Γ Draw line upon your paper 67 long and state what lengths it represents in feet and inches when measured by scales of to 1' to and 1£ to pyramid axis 3j base hexagon of 1£ side has its apex in the horizontal plane and axis vertical one diagonal of the base is at 45 with the vertical plane Give plan and elevation and show upon the plan the form of section made by plane inclined at 45 with the ground and which cuts the axis of the figure at its centre Explain the nature and use of the following section- pan lengthening-bar horn-centre beam-compass stencil- plate ן Luי ai iu The hypotenuse of right-angled triangle is and the other sides are to each other in the ratio of and Draw the triangle plane square has one diagonal parallel to and
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