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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1888-1889-761

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ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT 53 inclined towards us the axis making angle of 60υ with 11 and 30 with Give plan and elevation Eepresent the shadow thrown on the and by the cone when in the position required by question Find the envelope of the cone of which the dimensions are given in question Assume any point Ρ upon the elevation of the cone and find its position upon the plan and upon the envelope Draw line AB 17" long and line CD inclined to it at an angle DCB of 28 The angle is 66 from point and is 3" from What is the length of line AD One side and one diagonal of required square are together equal to line 38 long Construct the square fi pentagonal prism has its axis long vertical ach edge of the base is 22 long and the nearest edge is parallel to the square prism penetrates this the axis 389 long being parallel to the and inclined from us at 45 to the right with the The axes of the two solids cross at their centres and the square prism is so placed that the diagonals of its ends are respectively horizontal and vertical each diagonal being 2" long Give in the elevation the visible lines of penetration Draw circle having radius of Find two points Β and each If from the circle and 2" apart Draw circle that shall pass through the points Β and and be tangential to the original circle rectangular solid its width and thickness alike and its length double of either is to be shewn in such position that the plan of its upper face is square of side Show plan and elevation of regular hexagon side when its plane is inclined at 40 with the ground and one of its diagonals is parallel with and at 45 with In the centre is circular opening of lj" diameter 10 The legs of pair of compasses to be represented on your paper by two straight lines 5" long are open at 30 Their points rest on the ground while the compasses are tilted back until the angle made by th3 legs in plan is 30 ο Β
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