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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1888-1889-758

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750 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT Which of the laws are required to prove the following equations vt Weights of five and ten grammes are connected by string which passes over pulley if the weights are allowed to fall find their velocity when the heavier weight has de scended through metre State the laws of friction and assuming that the friction is the same when body is moving as when it is at rest find the time taken by the body to fall down rough inclined plane from rest Four moveable pulleys each weighing lbs are arranged according to the first system according to the third system &c determine in each case the power required to balance weight of 100 lbs State and prove the principle known as the Triangle of Forces heavy uniform ladder weighing lbs and 10 feet long stands on rough floor with its upper end resting against smooth wall at point feet above the floor find the magni- tude and direction of the pressure on the floor 10 Define lever Prove the principle of moments for two parallel forces acting on lever An upward force equal to the weight of lbs supports weight of 28 lbs on lever tbe distance between the forces being inches find the position of the fulcrum and the pressure on it -fttanufactitvmg 2fot SECOND YEAH Sketch section through an ordinary double beat valve showing the construction and explain the principle on which it acts Describe the pulsometer making such sketches as may be necessary for showing the arrangement of the valves and
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