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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1888-1889-757

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ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT 749 Find the area of the surface and the volume of the solid generated by the complete revolution of right-angled triangle having two sides each ft in length about its hypothenuse Draw diagram of forces for and find the strains on the pieces of the roof ABC where the pitch of the roof is 45 and where AF and FB are each inclined at an angle of 15 to the rafter AB The whole roof weighs 800 lbs What is meant by moment of inertia Find the moment of inertia of cylinder about its axis and deduce the moment of inertia of circular disc about diameter FIRST YEAR balloon has been ascending vertically at uniform rate for 4£ seconds and stone let fall from it reaches the ground in seconds after leaving the balloon Find the velocity of the balloon and the height from which the stone is let fall State the principle of the Conservation of Energy and illustrate it by some examples By the use of this principle show that the velocity acquired by body falling from rest down smooth inclined plane depends only upon the vertical height of the plane and not upon its length What is meant by stable neutral and unstable equili- brium Give examples of each of these rod moveable about hinge has weight of 20 lbs hung on to Β Β is tied by string to point ver- tically above and such that CB is six times AC find the tension in the string BC Define the term centre of gravity cylinder 50 ft long balances about point 20 feet from one end it also balances on log put under its centre when weight of 50 lbs is placed at one end and 120 lbs at the other find the weight of the cylinder State Newton's Laws of Motion
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