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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1888-1889-755

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ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT 747 under pressure of 700 centimetres of mercury are raised to temperature of 100 and the pressure is altered to 800 centimetres of mercury determine the volume now occupied by the air Describe Regnault's apparatus for determining the spe- cific heat of bodies by the method of mixtures mass of 200 grammes of platinum specific heat 035 is heated in furnace and afterwards phmged into 500 grammes of water at temperature of 15 the temperature of the mixture is found to be 30 Determine the tempera- ture of the furnace Into copper vessel whose mass is 130 grammes and specific heat 093 500 grammes of water are put the tem- perature of the water is 10 Into the water are also put 500 grammes of copper at temperature of 100 then 20 grammes of steam at 100 and finally 50 grammes of ice at Determine the temperature after each introduction IV -ίϊΐίφηκί SECOND AND THIRD YEAKS Down 20 ft fall 150 cubic feet of water descend every minute and turn wheel whose modulus is The wheel lifts water from the bottom of the fall to height of 50 ft how many cubic feet of water will be raised per minute and what will be the horse-power Show that the direction of the smallest force which will make body slide either up or down an inclined plane makes an angle with the plane equal to the limiting angle of friction What is meant by the line of resistance of wall Determine the equation to the line of resistance in river- wall of brickwork cubic ft of brickwork weighs 112 lbs the thickness of which is 4ft and which sustains the pressure of water whose surface is on the level of the top of the wall wheel-and-axle weigh cwt the radius of the wheel is ft of the axle ft the radius of the axis is inches it
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