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746 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT of light falls upon the glass plate after passing through slit which is parallel to the ruled lines show that the position of the spectrum depends on the number of ruled lines to th inch 10 Explain in what way beam of ordinary light changed when it is passed through crystal of Iceland Spar With two Nicol's prisms crossed so as to allow no light to pass account for the change produced on introducing between the prisms plate of selenite or quartz cut parallel to the axis with its axis inclined obliquely to the plane of polarization of the NicoPs prism ffeirtJroStatics antt Scat FIRST YEAR cylindrical vessel the radius of whose base is 20 centimetres is lilled with water and closed and is then placed with its axis horizontal find the pressure of the water on each end and also the pressure on the whole of the surface vessel contains mercury density 136 in which float cube of iron density 72 water is poured into the vessel until the cube is completely covered find what portion of the cube is below the surface of the mercury The weight of diving-bell is cwt and the weight ο water it would contain is cwt Find the tension of the rope which hclds the bell when the level of the water inside the bell is 17 feet below the surface the height of the water barometer is 34 ft Explain the action of the siphon and shew how to de- tannine the velocity with which any liquid would flow out of it י to ו זAin htfm' Describe Lavoisier's and Laplace's method of deter- mining the coefficient of linear expansion of metals On what circumstances does the temperature of the boiling-point of liquid depend Describe Regnault's method of determining the pressure of aqueous vapour at different temperatures 500 cubic centimetres of air at temperature 20 and
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