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ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT 745 What relation exists between the temperature pressure and volume of given quantity of gas cubic foot of air at the temperature 100 is cooled down to and at the same time its pressure is halved Determine its new volume the coefficient of expansion of air being 78 Show how to find bv the method of mixtures and obtain formula for the specific heat of any substance Describe Regnault's apparatus for that purpose If the specific heat of lead is 0314 what is the mechanical equiv- alent of the heat required to raise lbs of lead from to 10 Centigrade Show how the bending of ray of light in passing from air into transparent solid is explained on the wave theory What meaning does the refractive index of the substance acquire on this theory Show how to find the position and magnitude of the image of an object placed at given distance from convex lens of given focal length An arrow inches long is placed inches in front of convex lens whose focal length is inches find the position and length of the image Describe the measurements which are required and the method of determining the refractive index of transparent prism An iron ball is made white hot and its spectrum examined by spectroscope What will be the nature of the spectrum seen Again piece of iron is used as one of the poles in the electric arc and the spectrum examined In what respects do the two spectra differ from one another What is meant by Interference of Light×™ Describe Newton's rings as seen by reflection and explain how they are produced What relations hold between the thickness of the air plate the diameters of the rings and the angle of incidence of the light Fine parallel lines are ruled at equal distances on ass plate explain why spectrum is formed when beam
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