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392 EVENING CLASSES Certificates of Distinction and Merit are awarded to those gaining more than seventy-five and sixty marks respectively who do not obtain Prizes No Prizeman of former year can gain the same or lower Prize in subsequent year The place in the Prize-list not the value of the Prize is to be regarded 20 THE ELEMENTS OF CHEMISTEY Days and Hour of Attendance-Monday and Thursday from to Definitions -Matter and Force-Physical and Chemical changes-Temperature and Pressure-KfFect of Temperature and Pressure upon Gases Liquids and Solids-Uses of Ther- mometer and Barometer Elements -Metallic and Non-Metallic-Chemical Com- pounds-Mechanical Mixtures-Atomic and Equivalent weights-Atomicity-Use of Svmbols Classification of Compounds-Acids Bases and Salts The preparation natural distribution properties and practical applications of the following elements and compounds Hydrogen -Manipulation with Gases-Gaseous Diffa- sion-Decomposition of Water and Acids by Metals-Electro- lysis of Water-Reducing Action-Synthesis of Water- Quantitative Composition of Water by weight and by volume -Relation of Density of Elements in the gaseous state to their atomic weights-Nascent state of Gases Oxygen Occurrence in the Atmosphere-Natural Phe- nqmena dependent upon Atmospheric Oxygen-Combustion Ailotropy-Ozone-Water in the solid liquid and gaseous states-Composition and Properties of Natural Waters -Specific and Latent Heat-Hydrates-Hydrogen Peroxide Oxides -Solution-Precipitation-Filtration-Distillation Nitrogen -Occurrence in the Atmosphere-Properties of Atmospheric Nitrogen-Ammonia-Dissociation and Syn- thesis-Ammonium theory-Ammonium Salts-Chlorides and Iodides of Nitrogen-Oxides 01 Nitrogen-Nitric Acids -Nitrites and Nitrates
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