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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1886-1887-650

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652 THEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT Give sketch of the personal history of Jeremiah and specify the more important of his prophecies Describe concisely the Book of Lamentations Give summary of Ezekiel's prophecies and point out the more remarkable of them Show by table of dates the comparative age and length of the careers of Jeremiah Ezekiel and Daniel What is the tribal rearrangement of the land according to Ezekiel and what are the peculiarities of the Temple and worship as prescribed by him What is the external evidence for the genuineness of Daniel and show how the difficulties attending it may be fully met What points in the substantive matter of the book show its origin and why 10 Explain the prophecy of the seventy weeks III eto Ceotament £γ ζζάίά -Three questions at least are to be answered from each of the sections ii -Romans VI -End "Shall we Christians continue in sin that grace may abound מ Give fully St Paul's answer to this question and illustrate from the Prayer Book Correct from the Greek the following mistranslations and point out what changes of doctrine are involved in the correction tl Ye have obeyed from the heart the doctrine delivered to you-That being dead wherein we were held- Not slothful in business-It is God which justifieth- Receive him but not to doubtful disputations י Give list of all the Greek words that might be translated Sin-redemption-renewal מ and shew from their derivation the precise meaning of each Greek word Write in Greek To whom pertaineth the adoption and the glory and the covenants and the giving of the law
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