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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1883-1884-696

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Π92 MEDICAL DEPARTMENT Describe accurately the structure of medium-sized and very small bronchial tube Show how each is specially adapted to its own function Describe the physical changes that occur in skeletal muscle when it contracts Draw י single contraction1 and 4tetanus1 curve and explain how each may be artificially brought about in frog's gastrocnemius III -inorganic CijcmtStrn Write the formulas of the radicals present in the carbonates nitrates sulphates and phosphates state which are monatomic diatomic and triatomic respectively What pressure would be sustained by the walls of sealed tube having capacity of ten cubic centimetres in which 0119 gramme of ammonium chloride was completely vaporised by temperature of 546 Centigrade Mention some of the processes employed for reducing the temperature of matter distinguishing between those which act on physical and those which act on chemical principles Classify the following substance under the heads of oxidising and reducing agents giving your reasons carbonic oxide-nitric acid-sulphurous acid-chlorine-hydric sul- phide-potassium permanganate and Β are acids in perfectly pure state 10 grammes of each are poured upon separate portions of chalk each weighing 10 grammes causes loss of weight amounting to 45 grammes and the loss caused by Β is 35 grammes Name the acids Two samples of gas have the same composition by weight viz 63 per cent of nitrogen and 363 of oxygen One of them mixed with an equal volume of hydrogen and exploded in the eudiometer suffers no diminution in volume the other is reduced to two-thirds of its original volume after deducting the hydrogen left unconsumed Give an explana- tion of this
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