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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1883-1884-686

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682 WARNEFORD SCHOLARSHIPS What is theorem Enunciate the theorem upon which the following problem depends To describe square equal to given rectilineal figure What is proof Upon what does proof ultimately depend Illustrate your answer by this proposition If straight line drawn through the centre of circle cut at right angles another straight line in it that does not pass through the centre it shall bisect it What is segment of circle Two segments of circles are described on the same chord prove that the line joining the centres of the circles bisects the chord at right angles What is tangent to circle Draw common tangent to two circles 10 What is the test that quadrilateral Λ BCD may have circle described about it What that it may have circle inscribed in it If ABCD be quadrilateral inscribed in circle and Sy be the points of contact of circle inscribed in it prove that the sum of the arcs PS and QR is equal to the sum of the arcs PQ and RS -arithmetic Add together and Subtract 2£ from 20 Multiply 5fT by and divide 10£f by 5f Multiply 250 G35 by 8Ό56 and divide 14259 by 582 Keduce Ό0233 of ton to the decimal of pound Add together 063 of mile and 1207 of pole and give the answer in yards and the decimal fraction of yard Express 9s as the decimal of £1 75 If cwt qrs cost £6 165 what will be the cost of cwt qr 14 lbs The garrison of besieged town consists of 000 men with provisions that will last for 10 weeks allowing 18 ounces day for each man If the garrison be reinforced with 250
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