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APPLIED SCIENCES 165 Axles &c Bending and Rupture of Beams Girders Roofs and Bridges Constrained Motion -Pendulums Governors Energy of Moving Body Impact Moments of Inertia Tbe Flywheel Heat -Communication of Heat Measurement of quan- tities of Heat Specific Heat Heat of Liquefaction and Vaporization Mechanical equivalent of Heat Conversion of Heat into Work The Steam Engine Optics -Reflection and Refraction at Plane and Spherical surfaces Mirrors Lenses Application of Reflectors and Lenses to Lighthouses The Telescope as used in Surveying Microscopes The Sextant The Theodolite EXPERIMENTAL Heat -Laws of Heat Temperature Expansion Develop- meut of Heat Changes of Condition Specific and Latent Heat Conduction Convection Radiation Absorption Light -Propagation of Light Intensity Velocity Re- flection and Refraction Composition of Light Spectrum Analysis Absorption Sources of Light Wave Theory Interference Double Refraction Polarization Sound -Production and Propagation of Sound Velocity of Transmission Reflection of Sound Pitch Vibrations of Strings Rods Plates Membranes Resonance Interference of Sound Singing Flames Electricity -Laws of Electrical Action Electrical Indue- tion Condensation Atmospheric Electricity Currents of Electricity Measurement of Quantities of Electricity Electro-motive Force Voltaic Batteries Intensity of Cur- rents The Electric Light Electro-magnetic Machines Induction by Currents and Magnets Magneto-Electricity Magnetism -The Loadstone Magnetic Induction Ter- restrial Magnetism Law of Magnetic Attractions and Repulsions Students of the Second and Third Years are recommended to read Tate×™s Mechanical Philosophy Twisden's Practical Mechanics Moseley's Principles of Civil Engineering Ran- kine's Applied Mechanics Deschanel's Natural Philosophy
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