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WARNEFORD SCHOLARSHIPS 649 Give your idea of Hamlet's character with illustrative quotations What age was he at the time of his death Describe 'young Fortinbras What is the end of Rosencrantz of Ophelia of Laertes Explain giving the context in your own words With an auspicious and dropping eye So excellent king that was to this Hyperion to satyr The perfume and suppliance of minute The king doth wake to-night and takes his rouse Keeps wassail and the swaggering up-spring reels And thus do we of wisdom and of reach With windlasses and with assays of bias By indirections find directions out But there is sir an aery of children little eyases that cry out on the top of question and are most tyrannically clapped for it An anchor's cheer in prison be my scope ╬č limed soul that struggling to be free Art more engaged So far he topp'd my thought That in forgery of shapes and tricks Came short of what he did Methought lay Worse than the murines in the bilboes Explain Sledded Polacks-unimproved mettle-armed at point exactly-dearest foe-quintessence of dust-lenten entertainment-a handsaw escoted-this mortal coil groundlings-out-herods-fust-God 'ild you-down-gyved -passages of proof-sanctuarize-douts-yaw-quiddities- yeoman's service Mention any three passages where the reading seems dubious and discuss it 10 Describe the kind of blank verse in which this play is mostly written How does it differ from the blank verse of the Tempest
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