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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1879-1880-645

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cloth workers' science exhibition 645 Have ammonites any relation to belemnites What is the range of each in geological time Give sections of these fossils and add remarks in reference to their structure and peculiarities Is it possible to distinguish ceratites from nautili rhyn- chonellse from terebratulse and ananchytes from cidares Give reasons for your reply What British formations contain iron and lead Would mining company be justified in boring for coal on the out crop of the old red Mention the chief varieties of coal and what kind of coal is most useful for gas making What is jet State the natural conditions of soil &c which render district liable to landslips 10 Why do springs sometimes appear on the sides of hills What is an Artesian well On what principle does its action depend VII -CljttntStrjj Describe simple experiment which proves that atmo- spheric air is not an element Give the name and composition of the gas disengaged when marble is dissolved in hydrochloric acid What volume of gas would be obtained by dissolving ten grammes of marble temperature barometer 760 mm How is nitric acid usually prepared Explain the chemical change by an equation Electric sparks are passed for some minutes through gaseous ammonia what change is observed in the volume and in the properties of the gas How may the presence of chloride in sample of water be ascertained crystalline salt is found to detonate when heated with sulphuric acid what is it most likely to be Point out the most important difference in chemical composition between cast-iron malleable iron and steel
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