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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1879-1880-643

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CLOTH WORKERS1 SCIENCE EXHIBITION 643 Define specific heat Describe method of determining the specific heat of solid 80 grammes of copper specific heat 095 are raised to temperature of 98 and immersed in 50 grammes of water at 15 contained in copper calorimeter weighing 60 grammes What will be the temperature of the mixture IT -Setanj What are the chemical and microscopical characters of starch granules and how are they developed Describe the characters of ordinary woody tissue disc-bearing woody tissue liber tissue and mention the plants and parts of plants where they are respectively found What do you understand by definite and indefinite vascular bundles Define the following sap chlorophyll raphides spiral and latieiferous vessels-stoma-hair-and gland Define the following receptacle -thalamus- estivation -epicalyx-amentum-panicle-capitulum-and cyme Give the essential characters of the following natural orders composites-labiatse-scrophulariacese and liliaceae Define the following terms as applied to leaves connate -decurrent-decussate fascicled palmate- palmatifid pinnate-pinnatifid-ternate-ligule-phyllode and pitcher Describe the structure of the seed and the process of germination -pUiuralogi Enumerate the physical characters of minerals and particularize those characters most important in their identi- fication
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