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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1879-1880-642

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6 42 clothwohkees' science exhibition Enunciate the third law of motion How long must force of lb act on weight of 100 lbs to generate velocity of 96 feet per second Assume 32 How is work measured shot weighing 60 lbs is fired from gun weighing tons and leaves the gun with velocity of 000 feet per second find the velocity of the gun' recoil nr -Pto fc Describe some experiments by which it has been proved that the value of the attraction due to the force of gravity is not the me at London and at Paris How would you determine the density of small solid body Describe the apparatus which you would require for the purpose State clearly the conditions requisite for the ascent of balloon and shew what would be the effect of variation of the barometric pressure on the lifting power of balloon partially filled with gas Describe the construction of standard barometer Explain why the reading in tube of large bore is not the same as the reading in tube of small bore and state the differences between mercurial and water barometers arising from the size of the tube What is meant by latent heat Describe method of determining the latent heat of steam What is meant by hygrometric state Describe and explain the use of some form of condensation hygro- meter In cubic metre of air at 20 11 56 grammes of vapour are found What is the relative humidity of the air Explain the method which has been employed to de- termine the absolute expansion of liquid
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