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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1879-1880-641

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CL0THW0RKER8' SCIENCE EXHIBITION 641 16 Find the other angles in triangle when 37' 24" and 3b 7c having given log 30103 tan 8" 139 50 Ί603083 tan 18762408 42 tan 141604569 II -Qlcmtntarp iHwijamcS Prove that the resultant of two equal forces acting 011 particle at an angle of 120 is equal to either of the forces Also prove that the larger the angle of inclination of two forces acting at point the smaller is their resultant Define 'centre of gravity How would you proceed to determine by experiment the centre of gravity of an object Two spheres touch one another find the distance of the centre of gravity from the point of contact the radii being respectively inches and 12 inches When two weights 15 lbs and lbs are suspended at the ends of lever the fulcrum is feet from the smaller weight where must the fulcrum be when the weights are each increased by lbs Find the power which will just sustain weight of 333 lbs with three movable pulleys each having separate string attached at one end to beam The pulleys weigh respectively lbs lbs and lb and are arranged to the greatest advantage Show how to find the relation between power and weight in smooth inclined plane when the power acts parallel to the plane Describe Attwood's machine and explain clearly how it is used for proving that the space described by falling body varies with the square of the time of falling If body is thrown vertically upwards with velocity of 96 feet per second how far will it be from the starting point at the end of seconds and what will be the whole space it will have described
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