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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1879-1880-637

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APPLIED SCIENCES 637 What is slaty cleavage Explain its relation to moun- tain production Distinguish between monogenetic and polygenetic moun- tain chains How are volcanoes formed and what are the component substances Describe coral atoll and explain its method of formation Explain the contour of the floor of the Atlantic from Newfoundland to Ireland and thence south to between Cape Horn and the Cape of Good Hope Describe hexactinellid sponge globigerine fora- minifer and rugose coral illustrating your answer with diagrams XI -CI imt$trg Wnte the formulae of sulphurous sulphuric and hydro- sulphuric acids and state what weight of each acid is represented by the formula Point out the chief characters which distinguish from each other the elements chlorine bromine and iodine State the composition of potassium chlorate and mention some useful purposes to which it is applied What noxious vapour is produced by the alkali works and how may its escape into the air be prevented Give the chemical names and formulas of galena iron pyrites blende cinnabar gypsum and heavy spar Describe the process for making the substance known as vegetable parchment Explain the chief causes of the injurious effect of gas- lights upon the air of room What volume of air would be necessary for the combustion of gas containing hydrogen combined with three times its weight of carbon
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