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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1879-1880-632

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632 applied sciences 11 Show by construction the length of the diagonal of cube when its edge is 25 12 Complete the cube and show in plan and elevation the circumscribing sphere 13 prism of unlimited length 75 square in section passes through similar sphere Show the intersection of the surfaces 14 Give projection of the sphere and the intersection 011 second plane inclined at 45 to the axis of the prism in elevation 15 right cone lies on its side on the horizontal plane with its axis in plane perpendicular to HP and inclined at 55 to the vertical plane of projection Axis 3'' diameter of base 5" Show plan and elevation 16 Show the section made by plane passing through the centre of its axis and inclined at 20 17 Show also the true form of the section 18 Project the shadow of the cone parallel rays inclined at 45 to χ both in plan and elevation FIRST YEAR Draw circle of 15 diameter draw six more similar circles passing through the centre of the first circle and intersecting each other Enclose the whole figure in circle Shade the figure at pleasure with separate lines in any direc- tion which might be used in geometrical or machine drawing viz solid broken dotted or mixed light or dark &c giving variety of flat tints of various shades Construct regular heptagon of 125 side draw two adjacent sides in dotted lines and diagonal connecting their extremities in solid line thus making an irregular 6-sided figure Construct similar figure its sides being longer than the first Construct scale the representative fraction of which is to show fathoms
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