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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1879-1880-631

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APPLIED SCIENCES 631 How is the glazed surface produced on paper Sketch and describe "cordelier" and explain the use of the epicyclic train used in its construction What is the reason that rope does not untwist itself Sketch the arrangement of levers in the Stanhope printing-press and show why the pressure increases towards the end of the pull of the handle Sketch and describe the detached lever escapement and explain the principle on which it is constructed VII tomttrteal JBraimng SECOND AND THIRD YEARS Construct scale full size 2J inches represent distance of 1£ miles on map give the representative fraction of the scale Construct square having an area of 75 Two lines 2" and 3" long respectively cross and bisect each other enclosing an angle of 60 Construct the ellipse which would pass through their extremities Draw any irregular 5-sided figure on base 1'5" in length and construct similar figure having line 75 long as its base Find the inclination of the plane containing the circle of which the ellipse in No might be the plan Show on the horizontal plane the development of the surface of regular octohedron of 1" edge square prism has one of its ends inclined at 68 and one of its long faces at 47 show it in plan and elevation Axis of prism 3" edge of square section 5'' right cone having an axis of and base of 225 diameter is cut by plane inclined to both planes of projection at such an angle that its traces each make angles of 40 with χ Show plan and elevation of the section 10 Show also the true form of the section
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