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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1879-1880-625

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APPLIED SCIENCES 625 square of the distance give some method of proving it experimentally Two very small insulated spheres are charged with equal quantities of opposite kinds of electricity and are placed at distance of one foot from one another Each of them is now touched by an insulated sphere of its own size At what distance apart must they now be placed that there may be the same force of attraction between them as before Explain the meaning of the terms -electric density- potential-lines of force-electromotive force Explain the use of the prime conductor of an electrical machine and show how its form and surface affect the character of the electric discharge obtained from it Describe experiments showing that the free electricity on charged body is entirely upon its surface State clearly how this phenomenon depends on the laws of electrical attraction and repulsion What is meant by the capacity of condenser Describe the unit jar and explain its application to the measurement of the charge of Leyden battery Explain the principle of Wheatstone's Bridge and show how to compare the resistances of two wires by means of it 10 The resistance of simple galvanic circuit is 10 ohms- Two points and Β in the circuit between which the resistance is ohms are joined by another wire whose resistance is ohms Find the increase in the current from the battery and find what proportion of the total current flows through each wire IV -assies-ft rtlr0iitattc£i an& fetat FIRST YEAR circular plate ft in radius is held by string and immersed vertically in water so that the top of the plate is ft below the surface of the water find the total pressure on each side
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